I never thought I'd say it but..

  • ....my KPA and powered Kabinet have finally killed my desire to plug into anything else..

    I struggled with a Toaster a long while ago, gave up and sold it. Lots of gigs later (and getting tired of lugging stuff around) I bought a Stage and powered Kabinet to try again. Took a different strategy this time and just worked through some Britt profiles from the CSR pack to build a 'base' performance that sounded nice at volume - no messing with a million profiles and disappearing into the vortex! After a fair bit of tweaking over lots of gigs I can honestly say that it's as good as any sound I've ever had and way more consistent/convenient. The Kabinet works brill on stage. I played last night and you know when you get that 'I just can't believe how good that sounds' feeling? Wonderfully dynamic, big, etc etc..

    Add to that all of the capabilities of this thing...

    I may not have posted here much over the years but have learned loads; thanks to all who folks whose posts got me to where I am now!


  • I've had my KPA just shy of a month now and I still get surprised by it every time I plug into it. I was playing silent into headphones after work the other night and was blown away at how good it was sounding. On the weekends it gets cranked a bit into a cab and same thing. Just get lost playing it for hours. I haven't plugged in a different amp since I brought it home. I just wish I had known how good this thing is 10 years earlier!

  • I've been married to my Kemper for 2 years so far. I say "married" because sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it. But I love all my 6-string children all the time!

    Glad you having a good time with your Spouse! ;)

    Larry Mar @ Lonegun Studios. Neither one famous yet.

  • I think you hit the nail on the head...its about keeping it simple. Hence why I don't go into major tweaking and IR's etc.

    I did a gig last week with another band who used regular valve amps, half expecting to hear a sound I had been "missing " of a live cranked valve stack. I even joined them on stage to play a song through I think a Dual rectifier and some unknown cabs....I think my Kabinet wipes the floor with it even though it is small, light and supposedly a bridge between a cab and FRFR. I love it more every time I play.

    Amp GAS killed once again.