Distorsion stomps have all weird sounds

  • When I choose rigs built from cranked amps, that sound natural, some kind of consistent sound, all the "details" of the sound work in a very harmonious way. But when I use overdrive /distortion from the effects part, It seems to me like I get the original sound and some crappy noise in the same time. I watched guys on YT setting nice sounds using stomps. There's surely something wrong in my settings ... :/

  • Im totally an amp gain person partially for this reason. I've never been able to balance the edge of break up sound with an OD pedal and get pleasing results with a valve amp.

    Ironically I've been getting more success with the KPA but not heard any weird issues. couple of things to check out:

    1) Try with different profiles ( Im sure you've done this)

    2) No strange noise gate interaction?

    3) you are using it in the "pre" section not post?

    4) You on the latest version - some changes were made around volume compensation. Probably not related but worth a check?

    Otherwise suggest you post some sound clips so others can try to understand if its "normal".

  • V8guitar mention of

    "pre" section not post

    (which I think means put the distortion before the stack) made me remember to mention something that I just discovered: changing the stack eq position from post to pre makes a significant difference in tone. This is not really related to the distortion stomps, but does make a difference in tone.

    Be Thankful.