Programming more Post-Effects

  • Got a situation here:

    'I'd like to program 4 post-effects (chorus/phaser/flanger/tremolo) on the remote.

    Problem is, that I'm using a 'Studio EQ' on my 3th channel in the 'X' slot. (that needs to be on/active)

    And I can only seem to program up to 2 effects (using the MOD+DLY sections) on the 4 programmable buttons... (REV can't be changed to other effects it seems)

    I know I can use the A/B/C/D buttons, but those only seem to go before/pre-amp, and I need to get them after/post...' (D button is being used as a Tube Screamer)

    Anyone knows if this can be solved? It would save me, so I won't have to connect a pedalboard. (And be easier at the same time)

    Much appreciated! :)

  • The quick answer is no, you are limited to 4 post stack effects.

    You can assign several effects to each button on the remote. You can make one button turn all of the assigned effects on or off. You can also make the button turn some effects off while turning others on.

    You can assign other effects to the delay and/or reverb slots. Delay and reverb can be assigned to the Pre-stack slots.

    Possible workarounds:

    Use the global Space for reverb. This will only yield a short, small reverb, but will free up one effect slot.

    Forego the Studio EQ and use some combination of the amp controls such as Definition and Clarity, the Amp EQ, and the Output EQ.

    Unless you need all four effects at the same time, duplicate the rig and assign the effects you need to use simultaneously to each of the rigs.

    Be Thankful.

  • Thanks! Will try it out asap.

  • Make sure that you use a current OS version. The modules DLY and REV have been freed up for other effect types. So, you could have chorus/phaser/flanger/tremolo post Stack in the stereo Effects Section.

    Didn't even know that... (last firmware was from 2018 or something)

    I updated it yesterday so I'm all good to go now!

    Thank you both for the help!! :thumbup::thumbup:

  • Wow, so you will have new reverbs, drives, output shelving, etc.

    Oh yeah! 8o

    One more thing:

    Is it possible to use those 4 post-effects as a sort of 'normal' pedalboard for the entire performance?

    The problem on a song like 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' (Just an example) is, that the 2-note verse is just a Clean + Chorus effect sound.

    But then during the pre-chorus, the distortion kicks in along with the Chorus effect.

    And since all my effects are programmed to be off, whenever I switch channels/rigs. I need to reactivate the Chorus effect when I switch over to the OD/Distortion channel/rig. (Which is quite annoying)

    So long story short: 'Is it possible to leave effects on/active when switching rigs/channels on a performance?' (Instead of keep dealing with the saved/stored function of the rigs) =O

  • Simple answer is yes.

    So I would for that song use 2 performance slots with the chorus adjusted but on for both sounds. When you save a rig its whatever state youve left the effects. So all you ahve to do is set up the sound and effect you want ( switched on) and when you switch to that slot boom, there it is. If you want it selectable then before you save, switch the effect off.

    I assume you use the remote?

    BTW - your original question, why not move studio E.Q. to pre? because its not time based should be less of an issue moving to pre so that would free up at least 1 slot.

    Also, try not to make one slot do everything.

  • I know that setting up (and then saving) performance slots, saves the status of the effects. (On/Off) But that isn't really what I'm after.. (Yeah I'm a difficult person) :rolleyes: I think, (Like you said) it's only doable by making and saving different performances/rigs for certain songs that require those kind of actions..

    It would work for a song like Teen Spirit, but I'm not playing covers on a regular basis. And would just like the funcion of a 'normal' pedalboard to play around with.

    Seems like pros and cons (for me) right now are:

    - Remote effects: Nice that it automatically switches the effects off, when not needed on the next channel/rig.

    - Real pedalboard: Nice that I'm able to keep effects on when switching channels/rigs, but also more tapdancing turning them on/off in time.

    I'm gonna try it out first by programming them on the Remote (Using my Main Rig/sounds) saving them when they're all off. (On every channel/rig)

    If it's annoying, or not working out, I'll just connect a real pedalboard to the effects loop. :S

  • I'm still not sure what you are asking, so for clarity:

    • When you select a rig, you can pre-programme this to have whatever effects on by default and whatever state you want
    • You can have effects locked so that regardless of what slot you select they stay on - I don't use lock at all but that would replicate the "fixed" status I think you might be looking for.

    A pedal board is totally independent of the amp and therefore the KPA doesn't work this way - which is a good thing because you can pre programme what you need plus use the effects like stomp boxes. This has the advantage that you can customise the effects for each slot which is way more flexible rather than have, say, one delay setting for every song.

    So you can acheive I think what you want but you might need to plan a little on how you use the slots rather than think in the tradtional pedal board and Amp set up.

    I only use 1 performance to cover 30+ songs as I have a clean, crunch heavy rhythm and solo sound plus a specialist slot ( talkbox for living on a prayer) for example. I use morph to boost volume and gain for riffs and I have my wah set up on every slot. I have 2 delays on my main rhythm, one for one for a bit of ambient delay and that is on all the time and 1 delay I select for 1 song ( Intro Welcome to the Jungle).

    Not sure if any of that helps...

    ...and you are not a difficult person :)

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  • 'Fixed' it for now by locking all 4 effects on the Remote.. ; p (I'm only using 1 performance with the Kemper)

    It won't be possible (if I ever want,) to create a whole new performance without those effects/pedalboard taking those 4 post-effect slots, right?

    Because I need to unlock them first? Seems like they act 'global' when I'm changing them on a new performance into something else, (or delete them) they automatically get the same treatment on my 'old' performance. (The one I'm using right now)

    Thank you for being so kind/helpful!! (You, and everyone else) ;)

    * I've had the Kemper for a while now, but only recently started to want more out of it. (And realised, I could) :huh:

  • It won't be possible (if I ever want,) to create a whole new performance without those effects/pedalboard taking those 4 post-effect slots, right?

    Because I need to unlock them first? Seems like they act 'global' when I'm changing them on a new performance into something else, (or delete them) they automatically get the same treatment on my 'old' performance. (The one I'm using right now)

    Yes unfortunately. Lock is global. The KPA obviously can;t "know" what and when you want lock, you can only tell it. You can of course lock, create your performances and save them, then unlock. any new performances then would not include these settings but I suspect that isn't what you want.

    Someone else might have other thoughts as I don;t use lock at all. I save my performances with the settings I want and that covers my needs as I rarely want to do anything "unplanned". I know the set list ( or list of possible songs) and build my performance/s around that. For example in one band we also play some EVH and I have a separate performance for that as some solos have flanger and phaser and some don;t. I prefer a 1 switch approach to avoid tap dancing.

    Another option is potentially to use Morph - not sure if it helps but you could have all effects in the slot but mix at 0, then morph the effects in. Advantage is you can bring multiple in and other parameters...

    I actually find it way more flexible than a separate pedal board and I haven't used outboard effects for 6 years.

  • Turn off lock for most flexible options.

    You could put the chorus pedal into two different effect slots for that rig for that song. Then assign effect button I to turn on chorus in slot “X” (for example) and then assign Effect button II to turn on chorus in slot “MOD” and distortion in slot D (for example).

    So by using multiple instances in different slots you can achieve your switching without changing rigs.

    For rig switching you need to turn the lock off if you want to assign the different states of the on/off status of the effects for that rig. Example: Rig 1 has chorus, reverb in the on status and you can then stomp effect button to turn on distortion. Moving to Rig 2 it has you might have nothing active and need to step on effect slot I for chorus and effect slot II to active those effects. Rig 3 you have chorus and distortion active already and need to stomp effect button 1 to turn off distortion.

    You can get quite creative between rigs, morphing and multiple uses of effects in slots. It should cover most any scenario.

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