Metal Tone Problems...

  • While I cannot hear any technical shortcomings in the tracks, I can truly hear double tracked clips (two separate recordings), fully panned to the left and right.

    The double tracking seems to be intentional (as it is usual art), but it is not specifically mentioned in this thread.

    Double tracking naturally induces phasing, which is often intended by art.

    However, is this the issue you are talking about? Maybe I don‘t get the point.

    Happy new year, BTW !

  • As I explained earlier, I was as comprehensive as possible 'cause I wanted to avoid a to-and-fro such as is now occurring. I didn''t say so earlier but out of respect to you I'll let you know - I have to wait 1 hour between posts. So, a basic normally-quick conversation (a few minutes) can take all day. I missed much of last summer due to this and am determined to make amends this time 'round. :D Hope you understand, Adam.

    Has Nicky not done enough time on limited posting; can he not be fully readmitted on a trial basis?


    Kemper Rack OS 10.2.2 - Mac Sonoma 14.5