Latency Problem in Logic Pro X using Kemper and Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 via SPDIF

  • Hi guys!

    I am having a latency problem when i try to record my guitars in Logic X using the Kempers SPDIF output.

    I have checked the Focusrite software sync option in SPDIF mode and selected the SPDIF output on the Kemper. The monitoring of the guitar using SPDIF is correct, no latency. But, when i tried to record my guitars i heard the monitoring correctly but the recorded guitar in the track does not start where i have played it (it is a milisecond delayed) so i have to move the track manually.

    I have checked that the input monitoring of Logic is not checked and i have made different probes with the buffer size samples, but it does not work. The question is that i am having this problem trying to record on a project with some drums and key tracks , and also some plugins. But, when i open a new project, the problem disappear. My computer is a Hackintosh with 32GB of RAM and a Xeon E5 processor.

    Hope you can help me.