• I had asked this question previously and ckemper had said it would work fine. Consider that I currently prefer a 12” speaker with my current bass setup ( Markbass CMD12p) and I am not worried at all. The question might be how much power you might need for a loud band our outdoors. But for me I only need to monitor on stage at reasonable volume and currently my MarkBass amp is way more than enough and rarely go past 3 on the dial ( I play in a classic rock band but we keep stage volume down).

    Looking forward to trying one out, hope to hear some user feedback as well.

  • Just in case you missed this from the Kemper Kab/Kone thread

    “ Guavadude said:

    I tried it with bass and I don’t recommend it for that. It could be used in a small setting but the cab vibrates too much for it to be used at higher volume. I think a 1-15” version would be a big hit but the cab design would need to be able to handle the extended frequencies and volume.

    I need to try it more off the floor. I’m really impressed with how great the bass boost sounds on the floor. I think this would be my preferred way to use it but I wish I could control the level of boost. Even if it was in five 20% increments or similar settings.”

    Kone & Kabinet Q&A

  • Additional info to add here...

    From ckemper :

    The Kabinet is not really made for bass, as it is a pure and classic guitar cabinet design.

    However, the Kone is bass compatible. Size does not matter, as you can see by 10' speakers being used especially for bass cabinets.

    We are hoping for cabinet makers creating such designs for the Kone. A 2x12 horizontal or vertical (400 Watts) would work great, favorably with a metal grill instead of cloth.

    A classic 4x12 cabinet equipped with Kones would also work great for bass.

    If you need a continuously adjustable bass control, then use the Monitor Equalizer. It's made exactly for that and of course still works for the Kone.