PSA Tone Junkie 50% off flash sale!

  • Everything 50% of right now!! Bought the Triple Crown, PT100 and BE100 profiles. Even the discounted items are 50% off. The PT and BE are on sale for $10, so they were $5 each after the discount!! Fun weekend coming up!!

  • How is it compared to the bandmaster?

    I haven't had a chance to try the Bandmaster profiles yet but I surely will this weekend and will get back to you. I've decided that I need to take a structured approach to the Kemper, otherwise it will end up just being like Netflix (i.e. lots of browsing and very little else). To that end, I'm starting with the Tweeds (and other Fenders) and seeing what I can build on. I haven't had this much fun in playing for a long time.

    'The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.' B.B. King

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  • I couldn’t help myself and bought the Dirty Surely pack and the Scumback M75 pack to use with the direct profiles. This is what I’ve been searching for!!!!! 6 direct profiles that cover everything I’ll need from clean to mean and sound simply killer!! Can’t wait to pair them with the Scumbacks and try that through the PA!!

  • Bought the 57 Tweed Band and Princeton 62 last night.

    That Tweed Band is something special. I will be playing that all Easter weekend.

    The Princeton is really nice as well. I play a PRRI so wanted to see what I'm missing out on as it isn't easy to get things like that in the UK and I didn't want to spend more than the PRRI.

    I have been really impressed with Tone Junkie's output over the last year and it is so good of them to make so much available for free.

    Love HW's enthusiasm so definitely recommend shooting them some money for the work they put in.