Problem: Updated to RM Release 3.0 and OS and RM doesn't see Kemper anymore

  • OK, updated to the release version of 3.0 RM, and also updated the Kemper OS (never updated from 6, nor used the beta version of RM with editor). Doesn't seem like RM sees my Kemper at all. Didn't change any cables, or connections. I no longer have a "My Profiler" in the hierarchy on the left pane, and double-clicking any profile in RM on my PC doesn't load it. I strictly play in my office at home, not live or anything like that, so I've always just selected the profile I wanted to play in RM and sat here and played. Basically just preview... I've never even navigated the profiles on the actual Kemper using the buttons to change rigs (until now, out of necessity). I've rebooted, restarted RM, and the Kemper multiple times, and still have no connection from RM to the amp. Right-clicking on a profile in RM the "Load into Editor and preview" is grayed out... Any help please?

  • I have a similar issue that happened today. I updated the software on my profiler, and tried to update to 3.0 RM version, but every time it "updates", I launch it again and it says I still need to update. RM seems stuck and won't update, and now it won't recognize my profiler because it says there's a software mismatch. Please help.

  • I had the same problem,the new OS didnt update.

    The problemsolver for me was using a fresh USB stick where i loaded the new OS (USB stick in the computer)then put the stick in the kemper and there it was.(the R.M. update was already done without USB stick).