Midi program #

  • I used to be able to assign profiles to a midi #. Now the assign button doesn't do anything. I can't make a profile a specific #. The assign button is there but does nothing when i press it. Help! this is so frustrating..

    OK figured it out. You can't use the rig manager to change the presets for this. You have to use the Kemper to change the profile, then you can store the midi#. If you use the rig manager to browse the profiles, it won't work.

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  • If you can't assign Browse Mode Rigs to MIDI PC numbers using the System Menu (see below), I suggest you contact Kemper Support.

    MIDI Program Change Assignments and Settings

    On the next System Settings page, you can assign up to 128 MIDI program change numbers to Rigs in your browse pool. Sending these program change numbers in Browser Mode from any MIDI controller will load the assigned Rigs.

    To do so, first select the Rig you want to assign a program change number to and then press the SYSTEM button. Navigate to “Browser Mode PrgChg” page using the right PAGE button, select a desired Program Change using the soft knob labeled “MIDI PrgChg#” and then press the soft button labeled “Assign”. Use the soft button labeled “Unassign” to unassign a Rig. Assigned MIDI program changes are displayed on the home screen on the right-hand side below the Rig Nam