Solved: Morph-toggle as an option for switch-type pedals

  • I would like an option to define an attached toggle-switch to operate the morph-status for the current rig/slot. I.e. an addition to the list with the options to toggle the various FX-slots on or off. I switch between a variety of string-instruments during live performances, including pedal- or lap-steel. My pedal-board with the Kemper-remote and exp-pedals that I use for regular guitars is too big to fit under the steel, and I need to be able to make quick changes not moving a lot of gear around. The solution is thus to use a ABY-switch to select signal-source for input and a separate expression-pedal for volume with the steel. In addition it would be nice to have a separate small toggle-switch that could be used for example to engage a bit extra grit on the sound by morphing to a higher gain setting.

  • Oops. I had overlooked that option. It is indeed where I had expected it to be. There are several options at the end of the list that appear so close that it is almost impossible not to scroll past. I had simply scrolled past the "morph" option all the time while looking for it.