Just purchased a Kemper / Profiler Remote..... Not thrilled about it so far.

  • My issues with this unit:

    -Buggy when communicating with rig manager / plugged via usb into the computer. The unit tends to freeze up when plugged in to the computer after a couple mins and I have to completely shut unit off / turn on unit to get it back to normal working mode

    -No straight forward explanation in remote manual about how to save slots/patches ( just want a clean, rhythm and lead on 1,2, and 3) on kemper pedal.

    -Outdated LED screen, navigating it isn't the easiest

    -No official midi control interface software from kemper via computer (something like axe-edit)

    -Frizzy high gain sounds

    -Kemper didn't bother to include a usb cable in package with the purchase of this very expensive piece of gear

    I wanted to love this unit esp after all the praise it gets. Clean tones are good, and I've managed to get a pretty decent lead tone as well but when it comes to high gain rhythm tones, it's just not cutting it.

  • Hi Mike, welcome!!

    Too bad you don't like it. I've mine now for several years and enjoy it daily with excellent results.

    I can't relate to all the functional or technical issues you experience, but yeah, a USB cable should be included.

    But if it's not your thing, you can return it and continue your quest to the ultimate guitar tone.

    We live in a great age with all the options :)

    Cheers ,Arjan

  • Welcome to the forum! I've had mine for 6 years and still love it, but no piece of gear is perfect for everyone. We all have different ears and requirements. However, I would spend a little time getting to know it before moving on. Sometimes it's just a matter of familiarity.

    edit: Make that 7 years ... :)

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  • Sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction. Just for the record the I was disappointed with the KPA initially too, I now see it as the best gear purchase ever.

    The Kemper is a professional tool, it’s deep and as a plug and play device you will be disappointed.

    Buggy connection with rig manager is not normal, I would seek support.

    A proper editor is a probably the the #1 issue for a lot of people, there is a third party option available but I have not personally used it, maybe someone else here will chime in.

    Fizzy hi gain tones?, well the KPA profiles the whole signal chain, amp -cabinet -mic.

    It is most probable the the cab or mic are not pleasant to your ears. I suggest you adjust the cabinet parameters to your liking or swap the cabinet completely. I almost always reduce the high shift on the cab settings, just a touch a little goes a long way here. Just like the real world it’s all about the cab!

    Navigating the KPA is breeze, just got to learn how to use your tools, there may be better out there these days but there is plenty of dedicated knobs and buttons to assist you. The exception here is effects preset management which is my personal #1 issue but it is promised to be addressed by the KPA team in the next update.

    The remote was designed primarily for live performance and as such The KPA team wanted to avoid the tap dance for effects switching and introduced a different paradigm. Instead of the 1 footswitch = 1 effect you can add multiple on/off commands to multiple effects. For example with the tap of one switch you could add a boost, turn off a compressor and swap out a long delay to a slap back. It’s incredibly easy to apply this, just hold the foot switch and press the corresponding effect button and they are connected, do the same with the next.

    USB cable, well ok.

    Tones not cutting it?, you have an absolute wealth of profiles at your disposal, I assure you there is no other machine that can cop the tone and real amp tactile feedback of an amp like the Kemper, it just takes some searching, time and a little no how to personalise it to your taste and ears.

    Bottom line the Kemper is not a plug and play solution but will reward in spades in time, read the manual, watch the how to videos on there site, a good place to start.


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  • Hi Mike and welcome

    Have you updated to newest software version

    Updating as we speak.

    Thank you.

    Welcome to the forum! I've had mine for 6 years and still love it, but no piece of gear is perfect for everyone. We all have different ears and requirements. However, I would spend a little time getting to know it before moving on. Sometimes it's just a matter of familiarity.

    edit: Make that 7 years ... :)

    I am, I have not given up yet. Still trying.


  • Thank you for your help. I will try your advice out.

  • Welcome OP, please post sounds you're after and you'll get plenty suggestions what profiles to achieve them with.

    Amps I am using are 5150III and a Mesa jp2c. I have pre made profiles from 3rd party developers but have been somewhat disappointed with them so far. I will continue to try to work with them.

  • Welcome to the forum.

    I agree with the comments that, just like every other piece of gear, the Kemper isn't perfect for everyone. We all have different tastes and workflows. For me personally, one of the best things about the KPA is the navigation and physical knob editing. Once you get a basic orientation it is so intuitive and easy to edit on the fly that I feel an iPad or Computer editor is not only unnecessary but actually gets in the way. However, as others have also said, I agree that Rig Manager need updated and this should include much better preset management. However, I have a strong suspicion that this will be addressed with the next OS update (hopefully at NAMM this month).

    The method of saving slots/patches and accessing from the remote is done from the KPA itself rather than the remote. There is information about it in the full Reference Manual which you download from the website. However, the best place to start orientating yourself with the Kemper is through the series of official videos on the Kemper website (also available on youtube). They are easy to follow and short enough to cover what you need to know without being boring or overwhelming. There is a good one about performance mode and the remote if I recall correctly.

    As for sound quality, again that is very much personal taste. To my ears the cleans and edge of breakup sounds are stellar and that is the thing that most digital amps seem to struggle to get right IMHO. I think high gain lead sounds and crunch rhythm sounds are fantastic with no hint of fizz but maybe the high end of my hearing is just knackered from all those years standing next to loud drummers and in front of a Dual Rectifier :wacko:

    I actually find it funny (not funny haha, funny strange) that so many people talk about the really high gain sounds not being truly amp like; particularly in metal genres. Why? because so much of modern metal doesn't sound like tube amps to me. Much of the super tight, but mega high gain stuff is so heavily processed that it is much better suited to digital systems like Axe FX and Helix than a real tube amp. Again, that's just my opinion and maybe it's me that's missing something but I am sure a lot of bands that are endorsed by valve amp manufacturers are actually tracking albums with digital amps these days but not saying so because of their endorsement deals. Call me an old cynic or conspiracy theorist but if you need to find me you'll get me just behind the grassy knoll :D

    Don't give up on the Kemper it is a truly amazing piece of kit that sounds and feels almost exactly like my Boogies when I want it to but also gives me access to loads of amps and tones that I wouldn't otherwise have experienced. If you are using commercial profiles just remember that every profiler has their own sound so maybe you need to try a few different vendors of the same amp profile to find the ones whose sound matches your taste.

    But, if in the end, it turns out the Kemper just isn't the one for you the good news is there are lots of other options available. It is a great time to be a guitarist as far as gear is concerned.

  • Thx Alan, I still have not given up on getting there with the tones.

    Turn off Purecab.

    Did before this thread :)

  • Update: I've finally put together the first performance patch and managed to get some good tones for the slots I needed.

    I'm still having an issue with rig manager and the kemper communicating. It seems that after I listen to about 5 or so previews of different profiles in the rig manager, the kemper freezes up on that last profile and I can't do anything else until I turn off and on the kemper / unplug the usb from my computer. Anyone else had this problem? If it persists, I will contact support.

  • MikeSybrid Open a ticket up for that... if you can reproduce it, don't wait.

    I did have the Kemper lock up twice on me when I first got her, but only one was similar- and it was a shoddy usb cable. (the other time was a midi-feedback loop)

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