Top Jimi JJ100 Pack

  • This is a great versatile pack . I highly recommend. I tried his xtc pack and wasnt too impressed. I had some hesitation picking up the JJ pack because of my fist experience. Glad I took the chance. A little bit of tweaking for my setup but im quite pleased.

  • I have the XTC pack and must say there my favourite profiles on the Kemper, I also have his JB pack which if I'm honest wasnt as impressed with as i found them very trbley with not much bass end even after tweaking. I'll have a look at the JJ pack, thanks

  • I bought his high gain stuff. It seems to be done well, but they're all absolutely drenched in reverb so to make them suitable for my own taste I need to go through each one and dial it back. I haven't had time to do that yet and am currently in love with some of the Friedman and Bogner stuff from M. Britt. I really need to get back to the TJ stuff, take the time, and clean them up as I think much of it will be very nice once massaged.

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