• I am trying to do some solo work using the keepers lopper system and my iPad for a drum machine. From what i under stand i can use the kemper as a tempo controller to control the tempo of external devices. What i want to do is use the kemper controller tap tempo function to control the patterning app so that the app syncs up with what i have already recorded and looped. Does anyone know how to set this up?

    rig is


    kemper midi out( mididusb cable ) -- focusrite itrack dock

    iTrack dock- speaker. ;(

  • I actually don't think that is possible, but would like to be pleasantly surprised. Currently there is no way to sync anything to the Kemper looper. As a feature request it would be nice to set the looper to (let's say) 16 bars at tempo 120 with a click and be able to record over that. However I don't think real time precision is Kempers forté (I guess the DSPs get priority) since just synching the tap tempo blink to the actual tempo is not possible.

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