Curious about live performance and beta versions

  • Hi all. Quick question, maybe obvious or maybe not. Do people tend to use beta versions when they perform live? I’ve had my KPA since last September. I’m interested in the features of the beta OS 5.5, but don’t know if I should run with it. I’m not doing much fancy work live, and I like to be safe, but I also desire the latest improvements (it’s my nature).


    When will my talent upgrade be released?

  • I'll be using v5.5 later today at a gig. I know you shouldn't use a beta live but I've been using it for a couple weeks at rehearsal with no problems and I feel pretty confident that it'll run smooth. I've been playing live with my KPA for 3 years now and have never had a single glitch at a show.

    That being said I'm off to find some wood to knock on...

    And remember if anything happens you'll never be as embarrassed as the lead singer who fell off the stage! :thumbup:

  • Yep, always.

    When a new Beta comes out I'll install as long as I have a few days to try it out at home. I'll run through all the changes from the set-list and if everything works fine then it stays. I would never install a new OS just before a rehearsal and definitely not before a gig without a thorough testing but I don't consider that a Beta will be unstable, just that some of the features won't behave as expected.

    But I'm nearly always on the latest OS Beta.