Display of rig volume while morphing question

  • Is there a way to keep the rig volume display on screen while changing for morphing? I am morphing from rhythm to lead tones in some of my rigs and while trying to set the rig volume level the display keeps reverting back. Is there a rig volume page somewhere that I'm missing where it will stay on screen while I setup the morph?

    It's a small thing, I can make it work. Just wondering if I'm being a noob and missing it. If not maybe I'll post it in feature requests.

    Love my Kemper, if this is the only thing I have to complain about I guess I'm sittin' pretty good! :thumbup:

    Thanks guys!

  • As a matter of fact there is no screen reflecting the value of Rig Volume permanently.

    You are probably a Rack user. The Head models offer at least a green LED ring around the Rig Volume Knob.

    Why don't you trust your ears? You move the Morph Pedal into the Base Sound position and adjust Rig Volume in context of the band mix as needed for rhythm. Then you move the Morph pedal into the Morph Sound position and adjust Rig Volume as needed for your lead sound.

    If you think you need a dB scale for that exercise you could morph another volume instead of Rig Volume e. g. Amp Volume or any Volume in a stomp. The effect is the same.

  • I am a rack user and I do trust my ears, I guess you could set every parameter on the kemper using your ears but it's not the most convenient method. A current rig volume display would be nice. I just don't know why the volume parameter has to revert back while all the other parameter values during morph will still display.

    Odd behavior, but it doesn't keep me from setting my values how I want, like I said.

    I guess I'll make do...

  • Morphing as such doesn't trigger the display of any parameters. Only if you are currently on a page, which shows parameters and initiate Morphing you will observe those parameters shifting. If you are for example on the first page of the Reverb Settings you could observe how the Reverb Mix is shifting. But you won't see Amp Definition shifting simultaneously, as this parameters resides in a different menu. On the Play Page you can observe Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence being morphed. The only thing special about Rig Volume is that it is not included in any menu.