Ground control button

  • Hello. In sunday i had a gig with my coverband. When setting up the sound i have as usual monitor out into the matrix gt1000 and from there into the cab. From main out direct into the PA mixer. But when i connected the Cable to main out then my sound from monitor out dissapeared. I couldent understand why. I looked in settings of my kemper but dident find anything strange there. After a looong time i tried to push on the red ground Control button beside the monitor out (i Think it was or beside the main out) on the back of the kemper and bang the sound was back. Is there anyone here who can explain this behavour. Is it normal that you shouldent enable this button if you use boyh monitor out and main out. I have had giggs Before and there was not this problem, but to be honest i dont know if the button was enabled then either =O

  • If multiple ground lifts are activated simultaneously such things could happen. It also depends on the devices connected and how they are grounded and if these are connected to the same power circuit or different circuits.

    Ground lifts should never be used by default. Start with ground lifts not activated. If you experience hum, selectively activate the ground lift corresponding to the output originating the hum. Under no circumstances activate all ground lifts simultaneously.

  • Ohhh that was how i had it...I activated all grounds ;( I thought if i have all grounds activated then i will not get hum. Okej then i will deactivate it on both my kempers from now on. Dident know that. Thanks so very much for that valueble information