Problem / bug with switch assignment FW 4.06

  • Hi all,
    I've got an issue with assigning the switches on the remote after upgrading to the latest FW.

    Example: I have a (new) rig with delay and reverb, where delay is switched off and reverb is switched on. I want to assign delay to footswitch III and reverb to footswitch IV. Before updating to the latest firmware everything went as supposed to be: Press FS III and delay button on the Kemper -> delay is assigned to FS III with STATUS OFF. The same with FS IV and reverb button, reverb is assigned to FS IV with STATUS ON.

    After the update I experience the following: Press FS III and the delay button -> delay is assigned to FS III but the STATUS changes to ON. The same with reverb, assignment works but at the same moment the STATUS is REVERSED to OFF.

    Never noticed that before. Am I missing something? New feature or a bug?